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New/Upcoming daVinci_GA Aircraft

daVinci_Cobalt-Co50, daVinci_PA-42/Piper Cheyenne, daVinci_Lancair.IV, and a daVinci_Kingair300/Beechcraft Super King Air 300.




  • Twin Turbo Props....prolly didn't need 2X of similar aircraft but I got infatuated and all turgid. Started with the Piper PA-42 and then discovered that the Beechcraft Super King Air 300 was an official training aircraft for the RAF and US Marine Corps and others and found a few pix of camo aircraft and read the stuff.

    So, this aircraft does double/triple duty as a Corporate aircraft, Military, and GA so it has to be included in the repertoire. And the Piper PA-42:

    The aircraft's top speed is 351 kn (650 km/h; 404 mph) and was faster than the Citation I on most trips while burning one-third less fuel. It can cruise at the same long-range speed over 1,842 nmi (3,411 km), 400 nmi (740 km) more; it can carry eight passengers farther than a King Air 200 while cruising 50 kn (93 km/h) faster. It can operate out of 3,000 ft (900 m) runways with a 97 kn (180 km/h) minimum control speed, similar to a King Air 300; it can operate from much shorter hot and high runways than a Citation I and landing is shortened by the rotating speedbrake effect of the propellers in beta pitch.[3] It can climb directly to FL 410 at its 12,050 lb (5,470 kg) MTOW and typical single-pilot BOWs are 7,850–7,900 lb (3,560–3,580 kg). It can hold 3,819 lb (1,732 kg) of fuel plus two passengers with baggage, while each extra passenger costs 100 nmi (190 km) of range. It has a 98% dispatch reliability and its cabin is quieter than a King Air.[3]

    So I needed both seeing as I found Free 3D models that are way too cool. When we get these cooking we'll be going places in style with a few new FGUK Turbo Props and Stuff.


  • Looking TASTY dude !

  • Great, looking forward to these aircraft. Are you planning to include payload options? ... for VA "bus drivers" like me ... ;)


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