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FGUK Bae Hawk


When was the last time the Hawk was updated, Eagle sent me the google drive link on discord but I’m just curious as to when it was last updated?



  • Realistically? probably about 2013.

    There is a new one in the works but that's been in the works since about 2015. The cockpit needs lots of 3d work. The external model, however, is excellent.

  • Ok, thanks for the response

  • Ok, so I'm going to start remodelling the cockpit interior for this aircraft, just got a couple of questions:

    1 - Is the model at 1:1 scale, if not what is the scale?

    2 - @VooDoo_daVinci Is there a way to make the smoke change colour with a button in the cockpit?

  • To answer both questions:- yes.

  • ok, thanks, i'll start work on that very shortly ????️

  • i'm sure it can be done. Exactly how is not in my Repertoire but if we can tie lights and such to a button/switch/knob certainly we can tie smoke to one.


  • cos I know in red arrow hawks, they have a box left side of the cockpit with three buttons, one for each smoke color, and I was gonna transfer that into the model, but if it wasn't possible I would've left it XD

  • anyone know what the dimensions of a hawk's cockpit is?

  • A switch box for the smoke can be made to work with the smoke colours in FG.

    Cockpit dimensions, not got a clue.

  • I have created Tubs for a BAE Hawk and a Goshawk - both are scaled properly and I believe similar. Can you use these models for dimensioning/scaling?!AgRdBCzrG25sfqRnoCROcmPqrdE?e=EWxrAR!AgRdBCzrG25sgQCOV0CZQnYdtnQR?e=I6K016

    Good luck!


  • Thanks, and i could potentially use them for dimensions/scaling.

  • I’ll post updates here as to the progress.

  • Yooo, so just a lil question, which cockpit (front or rear) is the one that you are sat in for the hawk? I don't have FG installed on this pc and won't have access to it for a few days.

  • Single pilot - front.

    Dual pilots - Pilot rear, Student front.

  • asin in flightgear which is the one that the player spawns in, the current cockpit model (which I'm reusing parts of) has two seats.

  • Go with the front as the primary one then.

  • Just to keep you folks in the loop about how it's going, end of first day's work and 4 switch bases and 1 switch added (i am using the shaping of the old cockpit and just reworking the switches and textures. (I have hidden some of the objects so I can have easier access to the panels.

  • Quick question

    Is it the T1 or T2 you are working on

  • T1, i know already about the screens, I’m going to remove and replace with dials except for one which’ll be on a tripod thingy to one side for the map

  • edited August 17

    Hi folks,

    So I've found a reference for the hawk cockpit (for the dials and switches, etc) now i'm trying to model them, do I keep the needles a separate object for xml animating? (and how would the artificial horizon work?)


  • Most the parts you are needing already exist. Usually each instrument is contained in its own folder and you place it on the panel via XML. Most aircraft have an instruments folder of some description. Its a matter of finding the one that matches the hawk and moving the instruments folder into the hawks folder.

  • right, so with the instruments in the folder, I don't have to do anything with modelling dials or screens (cos it is actually a T2 which has screens XD, I thought it was a T1)?

  • We have new models for the T1 and T2

    T2 uses the same basic MFD screens as Typhoon

  • I’ll just work on this T2 for now, exterior is amazing, interior is alright, just needs buttons and switches and stuffs, and working screens, and a working canopy, and maybe a box to switch the smoke colour and ofc turn on/off

  • Does anyone know which way the Hawk T2’s canopy opens, and how one would make that in Flightgear?

  • On the 2 seaters it opens to the right. The Canopy frame and glass would need to be separate objects within file to do that.

  • I believe that the frame is an object, and the glass is an object (but that’s in blender)

  • If ther are objects in blender then they can be animated

  • Ok, and does the .xml file have to have a specific name (or does it go into an existing xml file?)

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