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hello, I'm hardball (F-HRDB)

I developp the bourrasque and pipistrel panthera which are on github. I helped a lot on the mirage 2000-5 : 3d model (created the 2 seats version), some liveries and refactoring the cockpit.

I'm french, 45 years old and very busy but I fly sometime with fguk hangar's aircraft to participate on flightnight. I noticed some little bugs, and I would like to know how can I help ? Are aircrafts on git hub ?




  • Hi and welcome.

    None of our aircraft are on git hub

  • Welcome Nico!

    Stuart is his usual friendly self I see.

    If there's a particular aircraft you are interested in developing then we do have some GIT repositories for things some people are working on, we don't really have a very structured development workflow at the moment as we can't really agree on one everyone finds suitable so you'll have to bear with us on that :)

    If you can make a list of things with bugs etc it might be that it's already fixed in a dev version, or it might be it's not been noticed and we'd love your help and will find a way that we can work together - just let us know what and we'll do our best.


  • If you want, you could help with some bits on the Hawk, which I transferred files to github to work on and keep all the files centralised (and for a backup when I f*ck things up XD) @hardball

  • And welcome

  • Thanks for your answers !

    I have no problem to adapt

    See you later,


  • Hi Nico - thanks for the bourrasque & the m2000 work - I'm a fan of both :)

  • Hello

    1/ I would like to improve a little the DaVinci_B-26B (beautiful airplane !) :

    • I noticed some errors (textures not found, nasal errors) when I launch fg in a terminal, I could try to fix some of it.
    • improve the cinematic of the bomb-bay-door
    • add some clickable areas on panels to start engines without knowing shortcuts :D

    2/ I could help for the cockpit of the rafale M

    3/ I noticed a little bug in the cessna T50 : the tail wheel turns on the opposite direction



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