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PC started crashing when flying FG

Been using my latest games PC for a few months without problems but recently the PC closes down and tryings to restart.

This started when gathering scenery for the upcoming Flightnight in the Rhine area.

Been monitoring the CPU temperature which looks to be higher running FG 70deg C (this route) than doing day-to-day tasks (40-45degC).

I going to try a different flight.

Anybody experience with Aorus motherboard with water cooled cpc etc.


  • Germany allways kicks the crap out of my PC. Always has done. No idea why.

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    Sounds like CPU over-heating issues or GFX card unseated (heat creep?)

    I'm assuming there's no beep codes on start-up.

    Power down and disconnect ALL cables.

    Take the side panel off.

    Do a deep clean (get rid of all the dust and detritus - use compressed air[outdoors] or a hoover set on low-medium speed indoors) use a new paint brush to gently dislodge any crap piles/inside fans/cooler fins etc, inside the PC case and check all cards & sockets are securely in place when done cleaning. Double check the CPU cooler is properly located and secured at the correct tightness and make sure nothing has been dislodged or any brush hairs left behind (hoover).

    Re-assemble and plug back in the cables, making sure they are all secured well.

    On start-up, go into the BIOS (various keys to press to get there - should say on screen) and go to the temperature tab and look for anything suspicious, this also holds the PC in a low power state, so that any problems do not manifest into a nightmare.

    If all ok, start into the OS as normal.

    Should be Ok now.


    PS - I'm doing mine tomorrow.

  • Many thanks for the guidance will have a go when chance too (later in the week).

    Tried a flight where I have been developing scenery no issues.

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    Done mine - quiet as a mouse, now.

    Don't' forget to plug the mains in first but DO NO NOT SWITCH ON.

    This Earths the components and plugging in USB drives etc won't kill the PC.

    Still booting up in less than 22 secs.

  • Cleaned the PC and just cleaned the heatsink of the cpu/pumphead and applied Kryonaut Thermal Grizzly paste (more friddy than expected) different to the old heatsink paste used in the past.

    Getting higher temperatures that previously (is this good or bad)

    68oC just running the internet and need to try FG next!

  • Here's mine.

    I'd say 68C is too high. When you say water cooled, where is the radiator and is the cooling loop an All-In-One or hand built?

  • I may applied too much cpu thermal paste last Saturday the cpu was getting into 90oC, so on Monday I scrapped off the bulk using a credit card leaving just a fine film remaining. (I had that much that the cpu chip came out of its socket stuck to the bottom of the cpu cooler pump unit!!!.)

    Better temperatures now, gathering scenery for the next flight now current figures below

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