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FlightNight Sep 24th: Crossing Papua New Guinea Mountainsite

Hello pilots,

Next saturday evening's meeting will be 20:00 London time at the coast of Papua New Guniea, Madang Airport AYMD. We will cross the palm oil plantations and low land jungle into the mountains to our first destination for break: Chimbu airport AYCH.

After break we will head for our final destination: Moro airport AYMR through the mountains.

Please bring your chopper of choice from the FGUK hangar, should be able to maintain 130-140 kts IAS in high altitude (12.000 ft).

Flight plan for your route manager:

See you on Saturday, follow the Orca!



  • Whoo Hoo Thanks Oswald!


  • I can only locate Moro as: MXH in FGFS. Might be a version issue?


  • Flightgear at least in 2020.3.13 recognises Moro with both the MXH or AYMR (0,7 nm apart). Track works after download to route manager, at least in my version.

    It ought to be "follow the leader" anyway, but just in case the leader gets confused, drunk, shot down, runs out of fuel or any other stuff, it might help to keep on track ????


  • 2020.4 photoscenery for this flight.

    OneDrive Link!AmRcwtiRJxd9-UgpN189AMAHx316?e=bl67xQ

    The PS is zipped due to there size, un-zip and install as normal

  • Im getting an invalid zip error trying to open it

  • Got it eventually

  • I downloaded and open the zip file without problems using the OneDrive link on the forum and also directly within OneDrive.

    Check the download size (refresh if not fully downloaded in your download folder)

    Any others having problems?

  • edited September 24

    Mine was fast and perfect on the first try but I have a One Drive Account so maybe that helps.

    Super thanks for the Scenery Oly! Looks fabulous! I have a crush on Stuart's new release of the Bk-117 and flying it in this location with the Ortho Scenery made me pee just a little.....


  • Hope you bloody well wiped the seat down when you got out

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