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Navy Lynx. Old Westland sales video

Old archive sale pitch by Westland for the Navy Lynx.

For those interested in the Falkland's, the Destroyer is HMS Sheffield


  • That was fantastic to see, thanks! I really love seeing original videos from the era, better than regurgitated content in modern documentaries, I find that more innaccuracies creep in as the people producing them don't have the understanding of the people who made the original film.

    A digression off topic:

    I have a Mk.3A/B helmet as seen in the video, in use with throat mic in Mk.3A configuration. I think mine is dated 1970. In Mk.3A configuration it is used with either a throat mic or fitted boom mic, but in Mk.3B configuration it has mask hooks fitted for an oxygen mask. The chap on their left (our right) is sporting a Mk3B here for Lightning use (looks like a T5), while the other chap wears a Mk1A helmet, with Type G inner cloth communications helmet:

  • really cool and interesting, thanks for posting!

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