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Hi all, just wanted to introduce myself to the Forum. I am pretty new to Flightgear, but am starting to get to grips with it. I am hoping to be able to participate in Flight Nights from time to time, not sure I am quite there yet with familiarity with the simulator but happy to learn and give it a go. Have used lots of other sims over the years so hopefully should not be too much of a learning curve.????


  • Not so much as a learning curve, more like learning by being pushed off a cliff blindfold.

    Dont worry about your skill levels too much, most of our pilots fly on Saturday night under the influence of Alcohol. Its all just for fun and not too serious ( although we do on occasion do some scenario based flights )

    Anyhoo, Welcome to the mad house.

  • LOL! Thanks Stuart, looking forward to it, Next job is to get Teamspeak up and working by the look of things!

  • TS is a big advantage during our flights, yes.

  • Hi Stuart

    Think I have got Teamspeak up and running now, please see screen shot.

    Couple of questions

    1. On a flight night do I just log in here at the correct time for comms. I have a headset and mike so should be good to go there and if I recall correctly spacebar is the push to talk button on Flightgear?
    2. Is there a particular server address that I need to log Flight gear into also?


  • Looks like you have it working. On flight night, once you join TeamSpeak double click on the FlightGear room to join that one.

    Also in the TS options, please set it to work in PTT mode, then set your PTT key ( or you can set a PTT button on your sticks ).

    Most flights on Flight Gear get the best results from server 1.

  • Brill, Thanks,

    Think I have set it up correctly with PTT, please see screenshot.

    Regarding Multiplayer just to confirm I use mpserver1 in Frankfurt Germany at the location that has been chosen at 8p.m on a Saturday Flight Night?

    Really appreciate all your help!

  • TS looks fine. You might have to adjust the volume levels a bit on the night to get a good sound level, but otherwise it looks fine.

    Yes, server1, but that does not mean you span at frankfurt, you still spawn at whatever airport you choose.

  • brilliant, thanks!

  • forgot to ask on flightnights do I need to have all the FGUK aircraft installed so that others can see them in multiplayer?

  • It will certainly help.

  • ok thanks, will do.

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