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FlightNight - 21st January 2023 - Ambling the Algarve

Welcome to Flight Night 21st January 2023

This week flight night will take us from the gorgeous city of Lisbon down the Algarve and some stunning scenery. Just look at this gorgeous Image I found online:

It won't look anything like that in FlightGear of course but please use your imaginations.

The evening will start at 8pm UK time in the city of Lisbon (LPPT) and then follow out to the coast past LPCS, heading down to LPPM for the half time break via a very pretty coastline.

After a little rest we will pootle on to LPFR for an overflight before heading to the final destination at LEJR for tea and medals.

When I say "we" the likelihood is that I won't make it so Stuart is standing in for flight leader, he will bring his usual warm personality and friendly nature to the flight so make sure you do as he says.

The aircraft of choice should be something from the FGUK hangar with Rotors and cruises at 110kts, for that's the speed that'll be needed to keep things on track.

Enjoy and send me lots of pictures!



  • I bring my custom Cessna-195. It is a optimised MP-Server version.

  • Avionyx wrote :

    This week flight night will take us from the gorgeous city of Lisbon down the Algarve and some stunning scenery. Just look at this gorgeous Image I found online:

    (can't copy picture)

    I was expecting a pair of tits or some semi naked females.......

    You're losing your mind / getting older putting proper pictures of real stuff like that on here..

    Love ya!


  • I though we were asked to bring something with a Rotor.....


  • Hi all some 2020.4 photoscenery for this flightnight

    OneDrive link!AmRcwtiRJxd9g6w33Jpw4HXhiV13yw?e=7Y1cOg

    Install as before

  • Your link doesn't like me....

  • Works for me. Takes a few min to kick in the download due to its size though.

  • Yep, working ok, now.

    Cheers Oly

  • @VooDoo_daVinci

    The rotor is in the pants.

  • Thanks Oly!


  • I reckon I like that one. Would you mind, if I take it, too?

  • I think you'll find it is a HELICOPTER FLIGHT. Not fixed wing.

    I broke the rules the other week by taking a plane, coz I was getting 2 fps and could not possibly fly a heli. Ended up being a passenger because that's the only way I could join the flight..


  • Actually the first 2 flights this year have been open to both, but the popular choice was a helicopter in both cases.

    Alex made this flight and made no mention of being open to fix wing.

    Being the Helicopter guy, I will take the piss if you fly a plank, even if the flight is open to both.

  • Of course you will - it is de rigueur por tois moosh.

    Laters !!

  • OK ok Stu, fly your heli thing I make a break and I' am back on another Flightnight.

  • Unfortunately, Gentlemen, Flight Leader/Planner specified aircraft from the FGUK Hangar and we have discussed (many times) why we do this. I'm not loading any aircraft that are not specified to this flight so they will be seen as blue gliders which really ruins the immersion and ambience of the Documentary Video so I'll put it on ignore to not have Blue Gliders.

    Sorry to be a dick but we have discussed this ad nauseum about why we do this.

    As an aside, I have had repeated game crashing near LPFR/Faro and it's possible we have a scenery object that will get us in this area so be aware.


  • Eagle. The Flight plan was quite clear. Blame me if you like, I didn't make the plan, but the standing rules are you bring what's requested. So Excuse me for actually wanting people to follow the instructions.

  • It is my fault coz I'm shit at Heli's and end up bringing a plank, just to be with you guys.

    I will train at Heli's and become as you.

    Porcius Porcine

  • My Heli lessons are competitively priced

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