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We were talking about desktop USB interfaces and stuff - the ability to plug in a guitar/bass or microphone and get it into the PC. Here what I'm using as an interface. I previously had a Presonus Audiobox- - but after two of them failed on me Geed recommended a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and it has been really easy and fun. Never lets me down and sounds like a millions dollars!

I use it to stuff my instruments into Presonus Studio One Pro where I have a bunch of cool guitar amp modeling effects as well as reverbs, delays, EQ and spend time making musical ditties.


My engineering and musical skills are not what the once were but it's fun with the right stuff!



  • I bought an Audient iD4. Specifically because I'm running an amp with XLR

    connectors to keep the noise at the minimum since I EQ the listening

    space so much that the noise would be audible with an unbalanced amp.

  • The Scarlett 2i2 does balanced/unbalanced in the same connector. The Presonus box did the same and I think most of the newer/better stuff coming out now is balanced/unbalanced in/out. I always used a Sennheiser MD441 mic for my woodwinds and vocals and the present interface makes this 40 year old studio mic sound so good it brings tears to my eyes. This new shit is The Bomb.

    Plus I make all my own cables from guitar cables to balanced output cables to the studio monitors which are Mackie MR8 mk2's. The equipment sounds much better than my musician ship so when someone says it "sounds like shit" my "it's the equipment!" excuse dun't hold water. If it sounds bad it's my fault.


  • Oooh that is great !!!

    Not every time Airplane blabla....

    Thumbs up to both of you : ) ...yeah I like to read what you are talking about.

    Cool Timi....strong colors you have !

    What can I say....I go to bed now.

  • The likeness of the colors with regards to any current events in the world is purely coincidental.

    I just wanted to create a ball of light and ended up with that somehow. And everything I do

    sounds like shit I guess since I in fact create noise when not listening to music.

  • Oooohh.... come on Timi....I give you a friendly hug : ))

  • edited March 2023

    Thanks eagle. :)

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