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Helicopter Flying Practice Airport KIYK

I have previously used this practice scenery, created by helijah download (2008) still available from

I have used on older FG version, but I cannot get it working under 2020.4, I have installed it how I have done other my own scenery but it does not appear.

There is a KIYK.xml file which I don't understand, does anybody use this or have a working version they can share?


  • dont have it, but I will download it when I get 5 min ( which at the moment looks like it will be some time in November )

  • Have it installed too and tried it with my 2020.4: no problems here.

    You don't need to understand the kiyk.xml. If you start FG from the cli with a '.fgfsrc.xml', you only have to do this:

    fgfs --config=<path_to>kiyk.xml --airport=kiyk

    Otherwise your starting program should start it as a config-file.

    Do you get any error messages?

  • I am a windows user so stuggling to where files go, I have tried putting kiyk.xml in

    C:\FlightGear 2020.4\data\kiyk.xml

    And in settings I have tried


    also tried

    --config=C:/FlightGear 2020.4/data/kiyk.xml


    --config=C:\FlightGear 2020.4\data\kiyk.xml

    still no show

    All I get is the arrive banner and a lot of windsocks

  • Sorted

    FG does not like spaces in folder names, working ok by moving kiyk.xml to to folder with no spaces in the name

  • Put the file into your home folder (or a link) and start FG from there.

    Or you could use 'tab' for autocompletion.

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