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Rumble in the distance

So I was walking the dog and kept hearing this annoying low frequency rumble. Sort of like a subwoofer but after walking half a kilometre and still hearing this distant rumble, it just couldn't be a subwoofer anymore. Appears it's Rammstein playing a gig 7 miles away in the city next to me.


  • So its a bit loud then

  • Could you dance to it, Timi ?

  • No, it was just rumble. Similar to the very lowest frequencies coming out of a subwoofer.

    It wasn't that loud either but enough for me to notice that something abnormal is going


  • Ah, I see. Nothing with dancing. I guess Rammstein is more a headbanging style.

    Have you a subwoofer ?

  • Yeah, I've got one but it's connected to my A/V-receiver and I rarely watch movies anymore.

    I have a separate setup at my computer desk with bookshelf speakers EQ'd to 30 Hz flat

    and that's enough bass to reproduce pretty much any instrument. Music rarely goes really


  • 30Hz is super good for bookshelf speakers. You definitely have better computer speakers than me. I have a logitech combo and the subwoofer goes down to 35Hz. I'm very happy with it and for the low price of 200 euros you can't complain. So if someone are looking for cheap computer speakers, I can recommend them. The sound tests in the video are bad, sounds tinny and reverberant. In real life 100 times better.

  • On their own they play from 50 Hz but like I said I EQ them heavily and I found I can go to 30 Hz with EQ, and anything below that will sound distorted. I have a pair of these:

    And this is the EQ:

    Where the black line is how the speakers play on my desk which is just horrible as there is a wall just behind the speakers which causes all kinds of bumps on the graph. The blue line is the target response and the green is the EQ.

    And this is how they play after the EQ. Approximately at least since I made that measurement by holding the mic on my hand just for a quick check.

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