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Micro RC Bo105

First flight of my Micro Bo105 that I got at christmas


  • Stu can I have a closer look to the heli ? I guess some of us would to like see it closer.

    For Alex !!!

    I don't want that you fall badly in sleep ! I like Hoobits really...they always have good food at home, good carbohydrates and good proteins and a lot more. Some of then are heros....and they have a special spirit of to make themselves comfortable at home.

    In deep connection your eagle !

  • cant work the camera zoom, and fly t the same time

  • But you can leave the heli on the ground (not flying) and then you get closer with the camera to the heli and do a 360 degree turn with the camera. Then we have a chance to see the Bo105.

    Hey, but its OK if it is to stressful to do this.

  • not stressful, time consuming

  • Or that. Do what you want to do. It's hot here....I live in a melt box.

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