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FG - unable to select a location

Used FG for a couple hrs this afternoon (adding scenery etc) but now FG is unable to spawn at a required airport, I entry a code there a blink and it does not bring up the normal map.

If you fly it start at a unknown airefield (there is scenery and airport there) but I am unable to select another airfield and the moving map is empty of nav data.

Tried 2020.3 and 2020.4 same, the folder look to be still there and fsfg.log looks to be loading scenery etc.

Any ideas what may have changed?


  • I think I found the problem, FG is not reading my FG storage folder i.e. C:/Flightgear where the scenery and aircraft go, by changing to default folder and back to by custom folder FG does find airfields again

  • corrupted config file?

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