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Flying Legends Saturday 15th July Leeds East Airport (Former RAF Church Fenton)

These are pictures I took, really struggled with the wind, rain and my camera auto-focus going completely out of focus at the wrong moment, but you get a feel of the 3 hours of the flying display in terible conditions, we had thunder, lighting, monson rain etc.

OneDrive Links!AmRcwtiRJxd9g81y68j9VHvj9C6HQA?e=EJ031f!AmRcwtiRJxd9g85tUpKaFdZG0fDOnA?e=Ugn2Q4

The first link is to the ground shots and the second is the flying displat in the afternoon




  • I've done lots of things in my life, including professional photography. My advice would be to never, ever use auto-focus for an aircraft in flight. :o)

    It will come with practise. I used to bulk load 35mm film into cassettes and would be happy to to get one good pic per roll.

  • While not technically perfect they are, for the most part, thrilling. Thanks so much for sharing - it has been my desire to attend a Flying Legends show for decades as Warbirds are my passion. Good stuff!


  • Yes this was the first time at a airshow with this camera and lens, in past I also took thousands of 35mm slides.

    The regural airshow photographers all were using longer lens (than my 70-250mm) 400mm or 600mm.

    I was stood on a bench and it was quite windy also.

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