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Orthos for Malta

FlightNight location this week will be Malta... only issue is all the orthos I'm downloading are corrupt.

Can someone else have a try and get the orthos for Malta as good quality as is usable? I suspect the problem is at my side but I'll be damned if I can work it out.



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    Are you using the Julia photoscenery generator?

    If so you can give me the arguments you entered and I can try it on my system.


  • Yes I was going for this, although I've tried variations without the attempts and with S set as both S 4 and S 6 but same results:

    julia -t 10 photoscenary.jl -r 15 -s 5 -i LMML --attemps 3 --over 9

  • (also I think it'll need r 30 to get it all)

  • I think one problem with scripts is that they often interpret a failure to download an image from (maybe some others) as a serious thing when they may have asked for an area for which the server has no data at all. Open sea is an obvious example. A 16k by 8k tile image will maybe call for 16 of 4k x 2k images. In the main Malta tile there are four potential failures.

    I have found the only way to beat this is to do it manually and piece them together in Photoshop. Here is one I made earlier

    for e010n30/e014n35/

  • Gotta Say Malta looks pretty cool even without orthos.


  • Give me an hour or so and you can see it with orthos.

  • I'm wondering if there's something about them my system doesn't like because I'm getting the same results with yours as I was with the ones I downloaded:

  • Could be - they work fine for me. Though I don't use OSM buildings/roads.

  • How do I configure/package these to install in my Custom Scenery Folder?


  • Inside your custom scenery folder, you need to have a folder called Orthophotos (you may already have this)

    inside that, you need to have a folder called e010n30

    inside that, you need to have folders called e014n35 and e014n36

    They are what the files I supplied need to live in, like this:

  • Alex may well provide a scenery package, with a similar layout, which will over-ride this - provided the package is moved above your standard Custom Scenery folder in the launcher.

  • There's something wrong with those .dds files - they won't open on any application I have and throw errors repeatedly.


  • What are you trying to open the .dds files for VooDoo? FG can read them in their format of DDS...ness

  • hangon...might have cracked it. Bear with while I test

  • OK it seems I haven't "cracked it" but I have found that the latest couple of nightly versions don't work with Orthos. For anyone who currently has Orthos working please don't update FG.

    It's annoying as I found it had a lot better stability and performance - just seems Orthos weren't part of the plan.

    Working on finding a combo that works but it seems it's nothing to do with Warty's Orthos.

    HOWEVER, Warty there's no link to download one of the dds files in your posts above. There's two links to 3186553, not one for 3186554

    There does seem to be a URL for it though so for anyone looking, hopefully it's ok with Warty, here it is:

    I'll get back to everyone once I've found a FG version that bloody works!

  • It was getting on a bit - too many G&Ts. Sorry, I was confused. But you've got them all now.

  • I'm just running the command that you used Alex, I'll see if it'll work on 2020.3.18 and 2020.4

  • It works on both the 2020.3.18 and 2020.4. I just can't post screenshots cause it always gives me code 400.

  • Well I found the issue.

    There was a nightly I was running which it seemed didn't like Orthos and I hadn't noticed.

    The current FG Nightly (full) windows build works really well and I'm actually seeing a performance increase over the latest stable version so might be worth a go for anyone who hasn't tried it?

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    Thanks Cyber, looks good/great! I'm too scared to change versions right now, Alex. Couldn't handle the challenge if things go wrong.


  • But I did and your are correct. Seems to run a little smoother and fast. Latest greatest is always cool if it works.


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