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UK Helipad appeal for hosiptals

A charity collection stand in my local supermarket today, looking for support to build deicated helipad at UK hosiptals and not land in the car parkas my local hosiptal, could cost in the region of £2.5 million to build a perment one.

Anybody come across these themselves?


  • Not seen anyone asking for donations for one, but NHS Scotlands funding is a bit different from England

  • I've heard of them before, it seems from looking at their site they are quite involved!

  • Look like a real charitiy, Airedale hosiptal are having a new platform helipad built in the future currently they have to park in a fieldand ambulance tranfer into the hosipital A&E deptartment.

  • Our local hospital is a trauma centre. They have a purpose build helipad with all the facilities and things, a nice transfer corridor and lots of investment.

    The helicopter has, for the last 4 years, been landing in the school field over the road and then ambulancing the patient the 70 feet to A&E as the staffing requirement on the ground for manning the helipad safely for an arrival is generally more than they can muster.

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