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Ayr festival of flight.

So my first proper day off/day away in years was spent at the Ayr Festival of flight. Probably called that because saying your going to an Air shoe at Ayr, would sound confusing.

Here is a Youtube of compiled clips I took

This year I decided I was going to Spectate and enjoy the displays rather than focus on a small screen and record it.

So, here are some snippets of some of the displays ( but not all of them ).

00:00 Gravity Industries

02:40 Team Raven and the Gazelle Squadron arrival flypast

03:00 Team Raven

04:09 BAC Strikemaster

06:31 RAF Chinook

15:25 The Gazelle Squadron

16:53 RAF |Typhoon


  • And heres a couple of photos

  • Super good stuff! I'll be enjoying it over the next couple days - super thanks for shariing!


  • Good weather this year! Nice to see the Gazelle Squadron is still operating. Seagulls trying to steal the show by photobombing is a nice touch.

  • Ayr air show would have been a laugh!

    Lovely shots, thanks for sharing. Must have been cool to see the Bronco! I've never seen one fly.

    We went to Old Warden / Shuttleworth Collection a couple of weeks ago for an airshow. But as you say, sometines observing with the naked eye makes a change to looking through a camera lens, so we have very few photos. But it was a lovely day.

    Cheers, Scott

  • The Bronco is actually quite dull to watch

  • COOL! I like the flying man.He is not slow.

  • edited September 2023

    Kinda cool hearing real Gazelles with that whistle/whine that is distinct to the Gazelle. Well represented in the Gazelle in our Hangar. That Chinook is impressive as well. I had no idea they are that maneuverable!


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