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FlightNight Sept. 30th - Hueys in Vietnam

We'll meet at 2000 UK time at ICAO: VVPK - Pleiku, Vietnam. From the starting airport we will takeoff and turn south and we'll continue on that course until we reach Route 19. After reaching Route 19 we will turn east and follow the Route 19 until we get to the Song Kon river, then we will follow the river until it narrows and turn north when that happens. Shortly after the turn we will arrive at the Phu Cat - VVPC airport, which will serve as our midpoint refuel and refresh point. During the first leg of the journey we will maintain an altitude of 2500 MSL and a speed of 110 to 120 KIAS.

After a short break we will takeoff and fly east from VVPC until we get to the coast. When we reach the coast we will turn north and continue along it until we reach our final destination of Chu Lai - VVCA. Speed on this leg will also be 110-120 KIAS except for the altitude which will be 2000 MSL.

We'll be flying Hueys, obviously lol. I've also made a special livery for this flightnight:

I've made this livery because we will be flying in an area where the 1st Cavalry operated from, more specifically near the village of An Khe, which we'll pass on our way to Phu Cat, there was a base called Camp Radcliff from 1965 to 1971 where the 1st Cavalry, they we're also known as the First Team, was stationed. I'll talk more about this on the flightnight.

We will also fly in a V-shaped formation with a seperation of 1 to 1.5 blade diameters for the majority of time except maybe for the landing and takeoff.

I also thought that we could have squad callsings as is the custom for formation flights. This will depend on the turnout, because the callsigns are usually used in the order in which the ships fly. For example the first ship on the left side of the flight leader can be called Yellow One, the second Yellow Two. It is just important to remember that both sides have to have different callsign colors, the colors can be anything just as long they're not too difficult to pronounce and as long as they don't repeat on either sides.

The flight plan that we'll be using:

Also, I would kindly ask Oly or anyone with a photoscenery generator, for the orthos as I never have enough time to download them because that takes forever. Thank you.

I hope that you'll join me and that you'll enjoy the scenery and the flight.



  • We'll do our best with the V-Formations but that's pretty much impossible over MP as everyone "sees" everyone else ina different position than they see themselves. Look s like fun though and I have been gathering scenery already. Just waiting on Orthos.


  • Yeah that was my concern regarding the formation flying but I guess we'll see how it goes.

  • The UH-1H right?


  • Yup that's the one.

  • Oh, I forgot to mention that comms will be on TeamSpeak as always.

  • Just a reminder, the UH-1H has no AP functions at all, in the slightest.

  • Well I thought that too, but when I tried too turn on the AP when I was in stable flight I managed to get it working. I just had to set my altitude and heading. But I did have to control the speed manualy because when you reach the specified altitude it pitches down and therefore you have to decrease collective.

  • I also forgot to mention that we'll be flying slicks, so that would be the military transport option in the sim.

  • Hueys, formation flights, it would be soooo nice to be with you.

    But I have to go to work...

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    Dammit Sanni....Working nights sucks.


  • Photoscenery for this flightnight

    OneDrive Link!AmRcwtiRJxd9g9d8V69alF43TYwG8w?e=zTgORc

    Install as before

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    Ty so much Oly. I've been trying to download the scenery all week, and finally succeded this evening, because I didn't know if you were gonna be able to upload it because you're going on a holiday. But we're gonna use you scenery.

    Ty again Oly,


  • Oly, I was wondering what kind of a process for gathering photoscenery do you have?

  • Thanks Oly!


  • Wow...testing scenery for this flight first time I got triple digit frame rates in FGFS.


  • I us the following the Julia photoscenery generator using ImageMagic and written in the Julia programming language you can create photoscenery tiles.

  • I know that I was thinking more about the process of using the script like what arguments do you use, file management strategies and such. Because no matter the flightnight length your scenery file is always 2.69 gb. I just wanted to know what kind of steps, do you use while using the script cause maybe I can incorporate them in my usage.

  • I have a text file with the different scripts (flight route plans, airports etc), I just edit each time to the new flight route plan e.g. VVPK.xml (as below) then open a cmd window and paste the text in the window and after pressing return it runs or does not.

    julia -t 14 photoscenary.jl -p D:\fgp_Julia --route VVPK.xml -s 4 -r 10 --over 1 -d 0

    I have on a data drive the following


    I have a shortcut to a cmd window pointing to the above, into which I paste the script

    in the instruction document it details the parameters such as "-s 4" and "-r 10" control the size of the tiles

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    Thank you Oly for the insight. When I run my scripts it often happens that the script freezes in the middle of execution, especially on longer routes. I don't know why that happens, but it's pretty frustrating when generating a longer route with 51 steps for example and it stops midway at step 25 or so. Maybe that's normal but idk.


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    Oh and what is the -d 0 argument?

    Is it maybe so that the script only generates near the user specified waypoints and that it doesn't create its own waypoints or something else.

  • By the way, I have been flying Slovenia this week and its Extremely scenic. Cool Castles and all kinds of interesting scenery and topography. We will be having a FlightNight there by your hand or mine!


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