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FlightNight Nov. 25th - Kamchatka Right Back At Ya!

We'll meet at 8 pm London time at ICAO: UHPL - Palana Airport in Kamchatka. Please bring a fast jet from the FGUK Hangars that can cruise at 420 KIAS up to 9000' and can go supersonic for a short/moderate sprint at low altitude. We'll also do some terrain following in the second half so choose your mount appropriately.

From our starting point will will overfly Fix Waypoints of OKARI, ALURO, VALRI, LADIG, RATLI and land at ICAO: UHPM - Milkovo Airport. After refresh and refuel we will dpart to and overfly GEFAR, TUPAN,UHPP, RUNIL, IDIRI, ORVAS, UHP1, SAMIK, and land at UHPP - Elizovo Airport. I hope to finish with a StupidSonic Sprint from UHP1 to UHPP.

Comma on TeamSpeak as always.

I'll be flying an updated version of the daVinci_F-35A with upgraded afterburner effects, lights and other stuff:

Sorry updated again on 1November21.

As we already know there is some really awesome and alien looking topography and terrain to be observed so I hope to see as many as possible!



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