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F-18D, EE-Lightning, F-16C, and FGR2 republished




  • thanks a lot VooDoo, but why the F-18 frm FGUK has the wheeels completely black?

    should not be the center white?

  • or can we just edit that part of texture easily and replace it?

  • Th F-18's do not have textured files. They actually look like this in AC3D:

    It's the best we are gonna get out of this old dog unless you can find someone to texture map it or we find a better model. This is an Alpha release with a model by Mathias Froehlich It's not my model or my project. I just posted links to it - it is what it is. Sorry.


  • These model are old. There were cries to get them back in the hanger so its been done.

    There will be a modernisation programme undertaken but with old models the results can vary and we do not always posses the skills to turn water into wine in every occasion.

    This will also take a crap load of time on each aircraft.

  • thanks for both replies, I understand the situation.

  • regarding the F-18C, I can select weapon with radar (Air-air, air-ground, Gun), but by pressing "e" only gun seems working. There are 3D models for payloads and the radar seems operative. To launch missiles is there any key I am missing?

  • No, you cant fire the missiles. There for "Display purposes only "

  • all right, thanks.

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