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New FDM for the Huey.


have we considered adding this FDM, which is verified by a real combat pilot, to our Huey as another configuration option because this FDM currently only works on the FGADDON UH-1 which is very bad in terms of the model and everything else.



  • Umm, yes, that FDM, which I have flown and its nothing like a huey of any description. Im not sure what this real combat pilot flew/flies, but it certainly wasnt a Huey, or a helicopter from the way that behaves.

  • Aha ok then lol.

  • This is of the 'readme.txt' of Helijahs UH-1:

    The fdm was created with this datas by Maik Justus and tested by Todd Marois, Ex-US-Navy Pilot on a UH-1N.

    So what's wrong?

  • Fly it.

    Its the JSB one sanni, not the regular one. The FDM in the read me is credited to Simon'bomber'Morley which has been claimed as the most realistic and certified by some un named pilot.

  • Tried it!

    The UH-1 doesn't recognise both of my joysticks completely (all other aircraft do it).

    It contains errors, so that I unhappily can't fly it.

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