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Uploading images

I am having trouble posting screenshots. FG saves in *.png so I converted to *.jpg and tried again but still can't do it. Site gives a 'Request failed with status code 400'

BTW I am signed in.

Any ideas ?


  • My jpegs just posted ok.

    Are you using the picture icon or the paper clip icon to post them? I use the picture icon.

  • Tried both.

  • Checked the permissions and your account type does have upload permissions set, so Im not sure. Might need to pass this to Alex

  • Hi Porcy,

    Any chance you can try again for me and give me a time it fails at then I can check the logs and see what's going on?


  • Pics:

    Funny 17:49 29/03/22

  • AHHH balls - got it - file names too long.

  • Nope - dunno then. It hates me.

  • edited April 2022

    Any body had a chance to look into this yet ?

  • Well, the same thing happened to me when the file was too big.

    So first I tried a PNG image which was pretty big, a no-go. Then

    I compressed it to jpg with highest quality, still a no-go. Then I

    turned up the compression knob to reduce the file size even

    further and finally that worked.

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