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Joyeux Noel

Merry Christmas to all you FGUK'ers.

Peace and Goodwill to everyone (meaning - get drunk & sleep quietly in front of the TV).

Best Wishes,



  • Merry, Merry, and Happy, Happy to all ya'll FGUK'ers! Piece on Earth and all that Jazz.....


  • I reckon that there is a point in low level beach flight. Thanks Stu for sharing your cockpit photo! ;)

    Merry Christmas, good wishes for peace and joyful meetings with your loved ones and other nice people. I am happy to be able to fly with you and glad to see you (well, your aircraft) and hear you again next year.


  • Merry Christmas (I know I'm a day late) all and have a Happy New Year!



    Callsigns: G-ORBI

  • Merry Christmas (bit late I know) and very happy new year, may all your wishes come true and may we have many many fun flightnights to come.

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