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Westland Seaking release update.




First "Proper" release.

2 Versions now included. The HAR3 and the "Commando"

Updated FDM   

Full cockpit lighting.

Updated cockpit.

ALS fuselage effects including livery specific levels of reflection.

Autopilot V3 ( see in sim help for instructions ).

New Main rotor model and animation.

14 Liveries for the HAR3

6 Liveries for the Commando

Functioning Winch operator.


  • Yummy! Thank You, Stuart!


  • Looks great, I'll check this update out tomorrow :)



    Callsigns: G-ORBI

  • I do not understand how to start it. "{" or "s" alone does not do the trick. Maybe some rotor brake and other things to be put in place before? => Could you please provide a link to some guidance?

    Working on osm2city and Hunter for OPRF

  • } starts it.

    { shuts it down.

    Its back to front in the help file. I will fix that.

    S does nothing.

  • That does the trick - thank you very much

    Working on osm2city and Hunter for OPRF

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