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2020.4 HDR, photoscenery Julia and WS3.0

I would like to ask some questions and clarify some points regarding the scenery and 3D models.

1) I installed 2020.4 and activated HDR, and it is really impressive. I only have a problem with the cockpits that tend to be opaque (is is a night build from the end of November), Is there a simple way to solve this? or simply res-install a more recent build or edit the canopy textures?

2It seems that there is an option in 2020.4 to activate the Points of Interest, but even if I tick it does not show up. Maybe I should try a more recent nightly build ?

3) There is some flickering on some distance buildings

4)If I want to update the night build, do I need to download again and re-install in the same folder?

5)In 2020.4 HDR I noticed I only have a few buildings compared to the version 2020.3.19, Should I tick on the option WS3.0? or Ws3.0 also needs external add-on files, in addition to tick the option?

6)I followed this to activate Julia photoscenery generator with 2020.4+HDR. It looks good but mostly without 3D models. But my understanding is that this JULIA photoscenery method and the current one that is under development in 2020.4 under the name of WS3.0 are different approaches for realistic photoscenes+3d modeling (and they are not compatible)? is my understanding correct?

Sorry for many questions, but a lot of knowledge is scattered across forums, and after I read a lot of comments, I would like to finally clarify my understanding on this.

Thank you in advance.


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    I will post three images for comparisons

  • 1st 2020.3.19 , 2nd 2020.4+HDR, 3rd 2020.4+HDR+Photoscenary Julia all photos near Miramar area.

  • Glass needs new effects for it to work in HDR mode.

    Check your rendering options for buildings. Some settings will kill FG dead instantly in HDR mode as its not finished and not intended for anything other than testing

  • >Glass needs new effects for it to work in HDR mode.

    thanks for your reply.

    btw I installed Scotland WS3.0, and it seems it loads well with both 2020.3.18 and 2020.4. However, for 2020.4, if I tick on the WS3.0 option in rendering settings, all ground vanished and water appears. But it shows up well without ticking that option. so it is unclear the advantage of that option.

    I tried W3.0 Nevada or California, but the format seems different, and only unzipping in Orthophotos folder does not work.

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    I still think that the resolution of the Scotland DDS seems a bit lower than the one I obtained using julia photoscenary, as shown above n the photos.

  • I dont take anything to do with WS3 as from what I have seen, its not fit for purpose.

  • yes I think so too, but Scotland was also in the WS3.0 Wiki webpage so I wondered if there was a relation.

  • Nothing to do with me at all.

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