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Volanta - Found the cause of my stutters

Hi All,

I found the cause of my atrocious, flight ruining, stutters.

I run something called Volanta, not sure if anyone else uses it? (

After running the console in full log mode I found that every 15 seconds the Volanta FG plugin was executing every 15 seconds and taking 46 seconds to finish it's run. Leading to a up to 10 second stutter several times a minute.

For some reason this also caused the weather to also do a full refresh every 8 seconds.

Although this didn't tax the PC enough to be picked up, it was obviously upsetting FG. I've tried it on all current and next versions.

Uninstalling the FG Plugin within Volanta has removed all my stuttering issues so if you have Volanta installed for any of your other simming purposes I'd suggest making sure the FG plugin is uninstalled for the moment.

I've raised it with the ORBX Volanta team via support and hopefully it'll be resolved as it's nice to see FG supported natively by a commercial developer.


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