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Anybody know if FGCom still works? I tried an echo test but got nada.

We may need alternative comms for FlightNight.



  • Now I'm just curious but this morning I was concerned we might not have TeamSpeak but you have reassured me that'll be fine. Just curious if FGCom is still functional.


  • So, it has not been functional but will soon be again.

    Thanks for the update!


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    Hey Guys. It's me, G-P1CK or TheKezStrel however you know me by.

    I'm the server owner for

    The server is up and running for general testing and use as of now, but there still seems to be issues in some of the FGCOM code for either the simulator or the standalone client when changing frequencies. Please try and only change frequencies less than once per minute to avoid unnecessary crashes.

    To get started, Follow this procedure.....


    Select " Lincoln, United Kingdom" from the yellow drop down box at the bottom.

    Select "Enable" at the top

    DESELECT "Enable" at the top

    Select "Show Debug Messages" ( So you can see messages from the voice server and know when the call is connected or connection dropped - "Hanging up call 0" )

    Select once again "Enable at the top. ( This will update everything in memory )

    You may "Echo" test at this point. If your sound settings are correct, when you speak into your mic, you should hear yourself with a short delay. Don't forget to DESELECT "Echo" when done.

    Close the FGCOM SETTINGS doalog

    MOST IMPORTANT! EXIT THE SIMULATOR BY THE FILE > EXIT MENU OPTION!!! ( This will save all your settings to the configuration files, as if it crashes before you do, you would have to start the procedure all over again!! )

    Restart FlightGear and enjoy having built in voice comms back online!

    Have fun, and remember to please try and only change frequencies less than once per minute to avoid unnecessary crashes until the codebase has been fixed. The other devs and myself are trying to backtrace where the code messed up and it stopped working correctly, but it could be about 8 years of coding ago to go through.


  • Wonderful to see some progress on the built-in fgcom.

  • Ditto - Thank You!


  • You're Welcome guys.

    You can pop by EGLL at any time today as I'm testing with FGCOM_1 + Openradar until 21:00GMT tonight. We can try and do a quick sesh on the voice to see how it sounds.

    I see Voodoo is online now flying in America at 15 thousand and nearly 500kts. Anyone is welcome.


  • Hi Kez,

    If I can get the kids in bed on time I'll be there around 2010GMT


  • It says "timeout for a non-existant session. Dropping" rather a lot (every 10 seconds) is that normal?

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    Hey Alex.

    Hmmm. New one for me. Drop a plane in at EGLL and we can at least chat in the sim whilst we test that out.

    Bear in mind too, I'm hosting from home on a mediocre 4G cellular router.


  • Alex,

    Looking at some tests I've just done, it could be that the built-in did not fully accept the server change.

    FGCOM.DDNS.NET Lincoln, United Kingdom Should be the top of the list in the MULTIPLAYER > FGCOM SETTINGS server selection box. The "Binary" or the executable that works in the background could conflict which server is "selected" somewhere in memory, so do the sequence in the initial post from me above to minimise this risk of having the wrong server selected.

    Another way is to add these lines to the box at the bottom of the settings section in the launcher


    This should override the FGCOM settings box, but you will still need to go into the settings box to "Enable", "Disable" and "Enable" again (Top Tick Box) to make sure that it is selected.

    I'm going to be away from 21:00 till about 22:15 GMT, but the server will still be working if you want to try again whilst I'm out.


  • I'll be on in about 20 mins to test.

  • From what I've been able to test it seems to work ok. Couldn't get a reply out of anyone else online but the echo worked ok.

    I used those params you suggested which removed the error I previously mentioned

  • Fantastic.

    I'm back home and online now if you want to try it? EGLL on Openradar and G-P1CK so I can see the airport online.


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