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TerraSync Server Down?

It's 17:44 UTC on Friday and I can't get scenery to download. Keeps telling Automatic Download Disabled. Anybody else discover this? I have never had this happen before but if it persists it's gonna make gathering scenery for FlightNight tomorrow a pain.



  • Checked again Saturday at 14:45 UTC and it's rocking again. Never had that happen before - kept spawning to check out new areas for a FlightNight and ended up in water.


  • only 1 server is working

  • Stuart is right. The domain name host for 2 of the servers went belly up and so there's currently only one left. From what I've seen on the dev list there's no immediate solution to "turning it off" you just have to restart FG up to two or three times for it to pick another server up as it can only try get another one from a fresh start.

  • Thank You Gents!


  • new entries have been added to replace the lost / non working ones - it should be working now

  • It was working fine a few hours ago.


  • did terramaster change the JAva version requirement to install adn sync terrain? I cant add new tiles to my maps sue to SSL error.

  • ive not seen any recent terramaster updates

  • Use TerraSync is my advice.


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