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Royal Airforce FGR2 Phantom II (YASim) Released!

And Boy, what a beautiful bird. It's yet a work in progress as we need more livs but Stuart has her V1.0 HDR ready and she's just a joy to behold. I'm quite excited about this as we have been at it for a couple years - highly detailed, fully animated, instrument panel to die for. Grab it!



  • needs a cockpit pic

  • That's...........COOOOOOOOOOOL.

  • thank you, very nice, but I am using 2020.4 and I don't hear any engine noise unless I activate afterburner. There is not engine visual effects either unless the afterburner is ON.

  • Interesting, is the sound from internal and external? Anyone else able to confirm?

  • Works for me.

  • Stuart, does it work with 2020.4 HRD or with 2020.18 ?

  • No Smoke or any particulate effects are available yet in HDR, otherwise the rest of it is normal while in HDR.

    Non HDR will show you everything.

  • Hmm ok, if I fly I can hear the sounds in fly-by cam mode but not in chase or helicopter external view mode unless I am using afterburner. IS there a way to activate the radar located in the center?

  • No, its not active on this one at the moment

  • I don't know if this may help but I came across

    It say 10 models and 8 textures and look to be UK aircraft.

  • Wrong way round about. We use their aircraft.

  • I think we had them initially but only 2 of them are FGR-2 livs.


  • voodoo is correct.

  • Is it a shortage of images of FGR-2 liveries or converting textures (there is a folder call dump in the FRG2 FG phatom)?

    There are a couple of ebay auction for both volumes of


    this refered to as a source for liveries on other FS forums.

  • Its a shortage of currently available liveries that are actual FGR2's. the paints in the dump folder ( that was supposed to be removed ) are FG1 and F-4J paints.

    More will come in time im sure.

  • The "Dump" folder has been removed and the amended aircraft uploaded to The Hangar.


  • I came across this UK Phantom site

    You may have already used this site already but they have a lot of pics

    The British Phantom Aviation Group (BPAG) owes its origins to social media and the formation of a special interest group on Facebook in 2012. With a membership comprising of both of ex-service personnel and aviation enthusiasts, it was dedicated to the UK specific variants of the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom and its time in service with the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm.

    One of the eventual aims of the group was to step outside the online environment and into the real world of aircraft preservation. However, after an unsuccessful bid to secure the release of one of the many neglected gate guards or decoy airframes in the Ministry Of Defence inventory, the original group officially reformed into The British Phantom Aviation Group in 2013.

  • im on their facebook page

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