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EC-120 Colibri V1.2 available




Updated VMED 

New Electrical system.

Updated radios and avionics

Refined FDM ( its now as easy to fly as it should be ).

Autopilot V3 fited ( see in sim help before use )

Updated rotor internal Votetex sound FX.

Limited HDR compatibility including external and panel lighting ( HDR Panel lighting is experimental and enabled from the Ec120 menu ).


  • Took it for a spin an hour ago - awesome and thank you!


  • I tried it too, it's a very fun bird to fly. Feels a bit like the Squirrel but completely different if that makes sense, first of all, you can actually hover this one and it's way more stable, second of all, it's a lighter bird therefore much more sensitive to the controls, but not too much, as you're able to fly it without problems in a matter of minutes of practicing. It's not as easy to hover as the Huey or the 412 but that's too be expected considering it's lightweight. All around great fun, you can even do some stuff like the crazy cropduster pilots do ;)

  • Your quite right that its like the squirrel.

    the AS350, EC130 and EC120 share a common drive train and rotor head. The rotors on the 350 and 130 are Identical, but the 120 has way less power to play with ( Its heavier than a gazelle, and has a lower power to weight ratio ). It makes up for the shorter blade length by running at a higher RPM. This gives the base configuration more stability than the other 2 but it also was designed for flight training and has more advanced pilot assists installed making it a good first chopper. Its been a difficult FDM to create.

    As in the real ones I use common factors for all 3 of them ( then next released 130 has the common blade dynamic too ).

    I call them the 3 sisters, because they basically are.

    AS350 - the nutty one.

    EC130 - the fat one

    EC120, the pretty little one.

    The low power of the 120 shows up more markedly at altitudes where you need to sacrifice speed for power more often.

  • That looks great! I’ll give it a go this weekend :)



    Callsigns: G-ORBI

  • Thank you for this most interesting insight, I'm always interested in these kinda stuff.

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