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I tried the EuroFighter 2000 Typhoon and looks very nice. However, at low speed with idle throttle looks like gliding too much, and difficult to land. It indeed bounces a lot when landing. If I need some specific procedure to make it more realistic pls let me know.


  • the model looks very nice though and for high speeds looks better.

  • What resolution have that photo wallpaper ?

    Because I'm a greenhorn of that photo thing.

  • There is an updated EF2000 being worked on at the moment

  • What are these thingies ?

  • these are glitches because I am using nightly update 2020.4 HDR and the aircraft lights are not updated for that version. Regarding the resolution, I dont remember well either, (possibly 3840x2160) and I just took a screenshot during the flight with the in-sim tool.

  • thank you, Stuartc, for the feed-back.

  • Ah...OK Thank you

  • i followed the "help" instruction to search with radar and arm AA/AG weapons but in spite of pressing "e" they are not launched. Do the targets need to be actual AI unit? It is great that the radar was implemented.

  • I dont think weapons were implemented on the last public version.

  • I don't think FGUK aircraft have or want fire-able weapons. You need Mav's group for weapons armed group flying.

    We are a peace-keeping organisation, as far as I know.

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