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H145 Liveries

Hey folks, I know that people will be making their own liveries for the H145, so rather than creating the same ones, I was wondering what ones people are working on.

Also is there a .psd or .xcf paintkit?



Callsigns: G-ORBI


  • no paint kit for it, sorry.

    I dont think anyone is currently painting for it.

  • Ok.

    Just for transparency I’ve got an NPAS livery in the works, and I’ve started work on G-RESU (from East Anglian Air Ambulance).



    Callsigns: G-ORBI

  • I have also started on G-YAAA Yorkshire Air Ambulance livery and about 2/3rd complete.

    Also please found the link to the Wessex Cockpits from the H. Workshop Manual (about five pdf scans)

    OneDrive Link!AmRcwtiRJxd9g_1pIYTyX9sMjkKdEw?e=WQ6hMm

    Hope they may be useful reference material

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