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Interesting YouTube Channel Mainly Helicopters

Came across this YouTube Channel "AB Helicopters Ltd" wich as a How to Land a Helicopter video but a lot more such best Helicopter films

Blue Thunder rated No1


  • Blue Thunder has awsome flight scenes in it. The Narrator though, on 2 different films refers to the "Sa361" gazelle, which its not, it 341.

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    Awesome, there's quite a shortage of YT channels dedicated to helicopters, such a shame since they're one of man's greatest inventions :). I also like to watch "Epicaviaviation47" it has mainly vids about helicopters: startups, landings etc., it's very cool.

  • Take a look at:

    -- Helicopter online ground school

    -- Helicopter lessons in 10 minutes or less

    -- Helicopter training videos

    -- Pilot yellow

    -- BC Helicopters

    -- Pilot Teacher

    much fun! :)

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    Wow a very impressive list, thx for the recommendations, will give it a go.

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