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FlightNight May 4 - Warbird tour of South Africa - Aftermath

Well, this one just was not ment to be.

I did start off to take the lead, but it wasnt very long before FG failed to load any scenery, and crashed out with me trying to get it to download it fresh again.

I went off and downloaded a new FG build, and after installing it, I spawned at the midway point only to have it crash out when I looked at any other aircaft on MP.

But, I did get a couple of screenshots before all this happened.


  • The same by me. If I choose another MP Aircraft = FG crashed.

    The current nightly build is very unstable. I thought something is wrong with the Vulcan....flying a bit then FG crashed....again and again. If I fly the UFO the same thing....flying a bit then FG crashed.....again and again. If I managed a short flight maybe 15 minutes and I do a replay immediately FG crashed.

    Btw I flown not this liv of the Focke!

    If you hear something from VooDoo's condition let us know.

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