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FG Wishlist

I’m curious, what does everyone want to see in FG?

Personally, I have the following left now the H145 is available.

  • AW169
  • AW13/49
  • S92
  • AW189
  • Chinook (the improved one which Stu showed some screenshots of earlier)

Mine is all helis, but I wonder what fixed wings there are on people’s lists.



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  • Can do them all except the AW189

  • Really, I knew about the AW13/4/69 and the Chinook. You also have an S92?



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    Oooh, me likey. The main reason I want it is for the HMCG stuff, so seeing that makes me happy.

    Does it fly?



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  • not yet

  • A FGUK WW2 Corsair, Swordfish.

    Helicopters what about Bell 47 and I would second the AW169 as I would like to do some UK Air Ambulance Liveries and a few UK Charities use the AW169.

  • 169 is already in progress. I stopped working to prioritise the HDR updates on what we have.

    Im sure there was a Corsair at one point, but im not sure if it was released then withdrawn,. or just not released.

  • Yes, I love the liveries on some of the AA 169s, I have definitely got my eyes set on AAKSS as it's my local :)

    Stuart, if there is anything I can do to help with the 169 at all, please let me know.



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  • Mine are these.

    Bell UH-1Y:




    CH-47 (I know stuart's got one brewing already, can't wait to try it):

    Bell 47/H-13:

    Bell 407:



    EC/H135 (a FGUK in-house one):



    Bell 222:

    Now on to the fixed-wing: (it's a long one ik ????)


    Beech 18/UC-45:


    Cessna 180 (a big ache of mine that there isn't one in FG):

    Those are my top top on the wishlist, there are a few more but for now that's it.

  • Im the Chopper guy so I will only comment on the choppers.

    Bell UH-1Y: - Got a model, needs properly UV mapping to be useful.

    AS365: - got one in progress. Not happy with the 3d Model so it may be swapped out.

    AH-64: - Dont mention the Apache

    AW169:- Model converted for FG use. Nothing else done as yet ( this was a commercial model I bought for FGUK ).

    CH-47:- 3 versions awaiting Alex checking stuff.

    Bell 47/H-13 - not going to happen.

    Bell 407:- Almost done.

    MH-60:- Well you will have to make do with an MH-60R

    V-22 - This Abomination will never ever ever set foot in our hanger. May it burn in the depths of hell.

    EC/H135 (a FGUK in-house one): - very unlikely

    AW139:- already started

    AW109:- Almost completed.

    Bell 222:- Unable to source a suitable 3d model.

  • We had a Corsair a while back I think didn't we? Or am I imagining it. By a while back I mean at least 10 years.

    The CH-47 I might need a refresh on what I need to check.

    Personally I'd love a Buccaneer....

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    Thx for the feedback stuart, I like your creative writing :). What's with the V-22 that's got such a bad rep here, except that it's a flying hazard lol. Also what's with the Apache, development not going as planned? I'm very happy that we'll get the MH-60.

  • I downloaded and started working on Detlef Fabers F4U and made better progress than I thought I would. I'll try and get some video and screen shots up to see if the level of detail and "sportiness" is acceptable before spending anymore time.


  • Here is a old .... a very old a stone age old ....FGUK Corsair.

    In the film... The Thirteen Days... with Kevin Costner you can see the Corsair. The film is the hammer.

    Ahhhh Kevin Costner is great Actor

    Film.....JFK.....the hammer

    Film....Dances with Wolves.....beautiful cool

    Film.....A Perfect World....pretty damn cool

    Film....Open Range....the hammer hammer of the hammer

  • I forgot the Dauphin off my list, that’s a cool heli.



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  • You have a 109 as well. What other surprises can you pull out of your hat of aircraft? XD



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  • How about a Jolly Green Giant, or an S61N

  • The S61N is basically a civilian Sea King (correct me if I’m wrong), made by the US. Not too high on my list tbh, funky nose though which is nice.

    Another that came to mind is the Puma, but we got the Cougar so close enough.



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  • Puma, or if your American, Pooma.

    This is a S61N. Way bigger than a regular seaking.

  • Puma looks great!



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  • Yep, that's one pretty chopper.

  • Stu, me again (sorry), the 109 is it the wheeled one or the skid one or both?



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  • Ooooooooooooooh ???? That looks beautiful, I do prefer gear over skids.

    Quick question, does it have animations on the door handles like the 145?



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  • Trying to get a handle on a F4U Corsair....we had the one from Detlef Fabe but it no longer flies worth a shit:

    Or I found this and may or may not be able to get the original 3D Model author to allow us to use it - I think it's way sportier and a nicer looking model. No animated gear yet but I have it up and flying and it's a heart breaker with like 6 liveries:

    Opinions? I think we need a Corsair back in the Hangar.


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    Just saw this beautiful chopper and I have to add it to my wishlist.


  • We get those fly overhead quite often here and the noise they make is something very different. Can always tell them from far away.

  • I only seen it on reddit yesterday for the first time, it was love at first sight :) Would love to see one in person though.

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