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FlightNight - 16th April 2022, Best of British!

Hello All!

This coming Saturday at 8pm UK time we are celebrating the very best of British with an amusing and childish evening of humour aimed directly at those with a mental age of "FGUKer"

Starting at Exeter we are going to be flying over the South Coast of England, heading up the East coast, having our half time break at Southend, following on after our refreshment to Conningsby way and then swooping elegantly back down towards Birmingham for our grand finale.

Routing will be roughly:






If you can get the Orthos it will make it so much nicer. The acceptable aircraft is the Supermarine Spitfires from the FGUK hangar.

Sorry for the lateness in posting this. I've been trying to get another FlightNight idea working all week and it just didn't pan out. This is Plan B but still hopefully just as annoying.




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