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FlightNight 18th May - It's my party and I'll cry if I want to

This Saturday night I invite you all to celebrate me, for it will be my birthday.

To do some of that we're going to be flying around my neck of the woods and generally having some fun. The first half of the evening we'll depart from EGMD - Lydd, fly along the South Coast and enjoy the scenery before making our way up towards EGTD - Dunsfold

That's where we'll have a half time break then we're going to test our ground handling skills as we go round the old Top Gear test track. After that everyone will be given the chance to entertain me by taking off individually from the runway and performing their most impressive single pass airshow that they can, each participant being given 1 minute to provide the enjoyment for those of us on the ground.

Once all that is done and everyone is happy we'll be heading off to EGKK - Gatwick to finish the day off, via the waypoint at EGLL

For the flight I've given a bit of a spit and polish to the De Havilland Chipmunk, this isn't a full release it's a test/Beta version where we can get feedback for a release soon.

The cockpit tub has had some work (not the panel yet though), the effects have been worked over and Stuart helped me sort some funny artifacts with the glass. The prop has had an update (not perfect yet) and the engine modeling within the FDM has been tweaked to make it more realistic to the real numbers.

It also has all of G-Man's amazing liveries in there too which are worth exploring as he did some of his best work so far on this one, in my opinion anyway.

She's easy to fly, probably too easy, but lots of fun and hopefully won't see anyone wrestling with an ungrateful aircraft all evening.

Download is here:

Meeting at 8pm UK time, Weather will be live weather and time will be set to Afternoon.


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