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We hate doing this but...

FGUKers of all nations.

We've been slowly tramping on, self sustaining, for a couple of years now which has been great to see but unfortunately it's renewal times and the pot has runneth dry.

The site hosting is up for renewal and we don't have enough to cover for this year, even though we've reduced the plan down to the minimum the host will let us - the downloads, forum and site traffic still use enough resource that we need to have pretty beefy plan which isn't the cheapest. The same with the Google plans which go to hosting the files on the drive, and our site allowance.

If you are able to, and it's comfortable for you, we'd like (ok perhaps not like to - have to) to ask for some contributions towards the costs.

You can donate via paypal:

or via bank transfer

Or if you'd rather another way please just message me.

All costs are directly towards keeping FGUK up and running and, should our generous FGUKers give more than our costs it just stays in the kitty for next year(s)

Apologies for having to ask, we really don't like this but costs are costs and Stuart and I try and absorb as much as we can until it gets to a point we have to come cap in hand.



  • Don't apologize, you people put so much time, love and determination into the project. It is more than fair enough to put one's 6p into the cap for hosting and any other costs. Have done my bit tonight.


  • I completely agree, sooo much attention goes into every part of our project and there's nothing wrong with asking for help. I absolutely admire and respect every one of you and hope that this project will continue to make the FG community better and more fun for a long time to come. I ain't friends with my wallet currently :( but if I was I'd definitely chip in, no doubt. I can share this on the FG forum and discord if you want, it's the least I can do.

  • Thank you gentlemen.

    Probably best to keep it off Discord and the main forum. We don't even get attention for our aircraft over there, I can't imagine they'll look on us favourably for asking for help. Thank you for the offer though.

  • Don't worry about it - happy to help

  • I apologize, I already posted it, but everyone reacted really well and supportive so everything is good.

  • Good movement Cyber.....thumb up.... : )

  • Ty, eagle :). Nia (merspieler) from the FG forum even offered free storage/bandwidth for file hosting.

    Here's the quote:

    idk, if the people are reading this forum as well..

    reading this makes me wonder if a bunch of cost could be saved simply by using a different hosting solution? paying for traffic and that becoming expensive sounds suspiciosly like a hyper scaler where they intentionally try to extract as much money as they can via traffic.

    In case those folks are reading here... if you need storage/bandwidth for file hosting, hit me up, I can offer you that for free.

    But I know the struggles... got my own hosting cost... not to mention what the osm2city worldbuilds have cost me

  • What Alex mentioned was, maybe it was in the past so.

    But opinions can be change over time.

    In my small opinion it was never so that all members from the FG-forum  don't like the FGUK-forum....Hangar....whatever.

    For this reason I thought what you did Cyber was very good.... : )

    We will see what happen..... tata

  • Yes we will see. As far as my experiences go, all the people I've talked to about anything FGUK related have had nothing but good things to say. Everyone loves our choppers and their fidelity, especially the new H145.

  • I set up another PayPal account Alex - otherwise it was gonna cost me $100 US to send the money directly to your account. Cheers Mate! I hope it helps!


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