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FlightNight May 25th - Spain, France, and The Pyrenees Mountains Chopper cruise!

We'll meet at the hour of 8 pm London time at ICAO: LESO - San Sebastián Airport in Spain. Please bring the helicopter of your choice from the FGUK Hangars that can attain/maintain 100 - 110 KIAS to altitudes up to 12000' for an hours duration.

We will depart to and overfly LEPP and then proceed to ICAO: LECI - Santa Cilia De Jaca Airport in Spain as our midpoint refresh and refuel destination. After refresh and refuel, we will depart to and overfly LFBT and then turn and head back across the Pyrenees Mountains to our final destination of LENA: Benabarre airport in Huesca, Aragón, Spain.

Comms on TeamSpeak as always!

Lots of cool stuff from coastal areas to mountain vistas to see so join me in a sightseeing tour of the Pyrenees Mountains!



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