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FlightNight June 29th - Chopper Tour of Italy, Slovenia, and Austria!

We'll meet at the hour of 8 pm London time at ICAO: Friuli Venezia Giulia Airport in Italy. Please bring the helicopter of your choice from the FGUK Hangars that can attain/maintain 110KIAS at altitude up to 7000' for an hours duration. From our starting point, we will fly directly to and overfly LJLJ and continue on to LOWK - klagenfurt Airport in Austria where we will land as our midpoint refresh/refuel destination.

After refresh, we will again depart to and overfly LJSG, LJMB, and land at LJLJ - Ljubljana Joze Pucnik Int'l as our final destination.

Comms on TeamSpeak as always.

Good stuff to see and I hope to see as many as possible to enjoy!



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