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My daughter got his Abitur done today. That fucking horrible dream shit....I'm so happy I'm so proud. She had made it....what a horrible journey...with the Corona time and so on and so on.....ahhh forget it.

Ce...le...braaaation...heheee... : )


  • I have no Idea what that is but congratulations

  • Thanks a lot Stu !

    That is the pre proof that she can go on a University and study something.

  • In other words, for the distinguished ladies and gentlemen.

    The highest school qualification in Germany and thus a general university entrance qualification. The Abitur certifies the ability to study.

  • Yaaaay, congrats.

  • Thanks a lot Cyber.... ; )

  • Congratulations to your family!

  • Congrats! A huge accomplishment.



    Callsigns: G-ORBI

  • Thanks a lot.... I appreciate your feedback buddies... : )

    Yesterday she had a party and today it goes on. Next week she has official graduation party in the school.

    For me today is my soccer day. Germany is in the round of 16 and plays against Denmark. So I can't fly today....I wish you a nice time and fly like it stole it....or....something like that.

  • A belated congratulations, Eagle, and well done.


  • Thanks a lot VooDoo... ; )

    Today is the official graduation party at school. And today your Abitur will be hand over. It starts at 6 o'clock pm. We are all very excited.

    I can't watch soccer today. Germany plays against Espana. I think the Spanish will kick our asses. But I keep my finger cross for Germany that we mate it.

  • Glueckwunsch from our vacation spot in Switzerland. Good luck for Uni or whatever she is planning. Neue Zeiten, nur Ideen, neue Plaene!


  • Thanks a lot Oswald...and have a good vacation with your family.

    Yesterday I had the FN and after 3 hours from the FN ( 2 o'clock am ) we drove my daughter and here boyfriend to the Stuttgart Airport. Now she has peace one week in Greece.

    Enjoy the know.

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