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FlightNight July 13 - Warbirds Fast and Furious East Coast of the Adriatic!

We'll meet at the hour of 8 pm London Time at ICAO: LDRG - Grobničko Polje Airfield in Croatia. Please bring the Warbird of your choice from the FGUK Hangars that can attain/maintain 240 - 260 KIAS to altitudes of approx. 2000' for an hours duration. We will be flying at 400' AGL (and lower) for most of the flight so pick something agile and nimble as there will be some degree of Follow the Leader over coastal terrain.

From our starting point we will be flying southish along the Eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea and overfly LDRI, LD57, LDZO, LDSP, and landing at LDSB - Grobnicko Polje airport off the coast of Croatia as our midpoint refresh and refuel destination.

After refresh we will continue down the coast to overfly LQMO, LDDP, LDDU, LYTV, LAGJ and land at LATI - Tirana International in Albania as our final destination.

Comms on TeamSpeak as usual.

Lots of cool stuff to see and hopefully a scary but fun landing event at our midpoint airport. So we hope to see as many as possible!



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