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HMS London

Its been a while since we released any ships, so heres a new one.

HMS London.


How to install and use HMS London.

 Unzip the folder and merge the DATA folder with your FlightGear install DATA folder.

HMS London should now be an available AI Scenario for you to run.

Default position is just West of EGOD. You can change this by editing the indicated lines in HMS_London_demo.xml which is located in your DATA/AI folder.

Ship is equipped with weather responsive wave motion, deck lock system ( for use with FGUK Helicopters with the deck lock function ) and Compositor/HDR deck lighting.


  • She is a a beauty.

  • Ohhhhh my, she's perfect. Thank you.

  • Well, I dont think it will be perfect considering the brain fuzz im suffering with covid. Theres likely to be many many problems that havent been noticed

  • Yeah I read that you and your wife got covid, sorry to hear that. I hope both of you'll get better soon.

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