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3D work is finish. It's far from perfect...but...I would like to say it is looks cool.



  • Eagle, my friend! that looks absolutely stunning. The detail in there is something I never dreamed I would ever see in a Vulcan in FG.

    Tell us, what can we do to help you?


  • Hi Alex, thank you for the nice compliment, Ami!

    It's very nice to hear that you like the Vulcan as I do and that I am not alone with it. Yeah, I need help and thank you for the offer but not in a moment. I have to sort the pieces and put it in a ac file and than I do the unwrapping and texturing. I'll let you know when I'm ready if I need your help.... ; )

  • That looks absolutely amazing - so looking forward to seeing this in FG

  • Yes, I would like to see it in FG too.

    Thank you very much, EnRogue

  • Oh you're definetly not alone there Eagle ... and this one looks absolutely gorgeous!! If we can finish this one in all its glory, it could actually become an icon of british aviation in Flightgear... oO

  • Wow...that's are beautiful deep words Geed....and I am really agree with it. So... thank you very much Geed.

    But LOL the thing of... remembers me of a Berlin sentence...MACHST DU AUGE ODER yeah yeah, I came out of the deep dirt.

    If you can remember I had mentioned I don't like 3D unwrapping (but I have to). At the moment I am not in the mood to do it. I must in a special mood to do it. After holiday I think.

  • Is this for a remodel on the FGUK Vulcan? Looks great though!



    Callsigns: G-ORBI

  • Yes, it is a remodel of the FGUK Vulcan...and thank you very much LinuxGamer.

  • Looking good Sir....well done!


  • I'm currently reading this book which is absolutely excellent:

    An interesting point that Tony makes in the book is that the instrumentation, with the exception of the "dolls eye" indicators, was practically the same as the Vampire.

    The dolls eye stuff we have all the code for which Algy did for the Victor. If we were to get the Vampire up to scratch before Eagle finishes with this amazing feat then we'd surely save them a lot of work.

    I'll give it a go once the FGR.2 is done unless anyone wants to give it a head start?

  • Thank you very much VooDoo. I am particularly pleased to receive a compliment from you, as I think many of your planes are great. I think you know that too, as I've flown many of your planes in the FN.

    Well Alex, it seems the Author open some new doors for the reader, sounds exciting.

    The sentence "It has captured the imagination of the whole country and represents what this country can achieve when it sets its mind to it".

    I mean is that true or goes the Author a bit to far with it ?

    You have to explained for me, because I don't know what that excatly means.Is it poetic ?

    I don't know what the "dolls eye" indicators is....second pressure, Alex. If you have time for me you have time.

    The finishing of the Vulcan by me is not fast, it takes time and time. If you can remember I have the Tornado remodeled in 2 or 3 weeks and the Vulcan is so is very difficult. I am sitting here almost 2 years at the 3D modelling.

    And I am a bit unhappy with my model, but I have fixed it in the end of the week.

    The best 3D model of the Vulcan is for X- Plane. I believe for 50 box...but.... it has also small mistakes (but nobody sees it with an untrained eye). What I want to say is that is so hard to copy the design-lines of the originial Vulcan.

    It sounds a bit sad but... HEY... I am not sad. I coming straight from holiday.

  • Eagle I think the sentence there is typical of the English way of describing things. It's generally true though that the Vulcan is probably one of the favourites of the British public.

    The Dolls eye indicators are the round magnetic indicators on the panel.

    They work by having a light in them, just a simple bulb, and then a magnetic mechanism either closes a shutter over the bulb or reveals it depending on what's needed. Just like the old fashion eyes of dolls where if you lay the doll down the eye closes and when you pick it up it opens. If that makes sense?

  • Aah cool, I see.

    Yes it's a good idea to fix it in the Vampire and you can it integrated in the Vulcan (or I do it). Show me it, Alex if you are finished.

    I see it in future, it's getting better and better.

  • Yes but what you are doing is not the same as what I'm doing - you are making 3D models from scratch and I'm just reanimating Freeware aircraft to make them work in FlightGear. Not the same skill set at all. You are a 3D modeler and I'm just an animator.


  • You're both FGUK'ers if you like it or not. We don't discriminate by skills here.

    If we did most of us would have been out on our ear years ago ;) !

  • Yes, Alex has right!

    We are a group of people with different skills. But who cares. Would be boring if everyone does the same shit... ; )

    In the end of day we have fun together...that's it.

  • Now I have it....YEEES I have it. It should be so.No edge line.

    If you don't see it,hover with the mouse over the pic, right click open new tab.

    OK back to normal.

    You can see on the old pic the wing line edge. Because I had two objects a fuselage and a wing. Now after a bit of work I merge the two things together. Now I have one object, no fuselage no wings only a DELTA....YEEEAH...oh that was not normal. What is normal?

    Further I add a second fan. It looks more realistic I think. The fans will not be visible well in the original. But it depend on the sun angle in FG I guess.

  • Eagle that looks spectacular, the blending of the delta is perfect.

  • Looks great Eagle :)



    Callsigns: G-ORBI

  • edited September 2023

    Hi, I'm not sure about that being strictly true.

    Magnetic indicators are normally used instead of lamps for more safety critical signals such as oxygen flow and power failure, as lamps can and do fail, an MI will always work. The idea of a shutter over a bulb seems excessive when you could just turn the bulb off, saving weight, wiring, and complexity (nobody cares about tax payers money though!).

    The other advantage is that with sun glare you can still clearly see the markings on an MI, but a lamp may not be so distinguishable.

    Where lamps are used for critical information, they are usually in pairs (such as Page Engineering's warning panels) so that if one lamp fails, there is a second one.

    But there are some exceptions, eg the power failure MI flag in the Lightning and Buccaneer IFIS is illuminated, but only by the normal instrument illumination, so by day is not illuminated.

    The panel shown there in someones house has some illuminated things in it, they may be something made by the person who made the panel... ie, we are not looking at a primary source of information.

    I have shared an AP on Dowty Magnetic Indicators at the bottom of this page, which also has a video of me operating a Jet Provost oxygen blinker MI:

    I have some more APs on other types of MI that i will also share when i dig them out.

    But yes 'dolls eye' is just air force slang for MI.

    Anyway, lovely progress on the Vulcan! Is it still having the toilet?

    I note the ARC-52 UHF radio control unit, do you want me to photograph one for your textures? I can offer new or used condition!

    Cheers, Scott

  • PS, the other benefit of an MI is you can have 2 position or 3 position indicators, so more information than just on/off can be displayed.

    The PDFs in my link give some of the symbols painted on the rotating indicator, numerous types for numerous applications.

    There are some cool ones with straight lines or T shapes that are used on some bigger aircraft electrical panels to display which bus bars are connected to which, ie breaker positions.

  • I'm with Scott on this - any lighting/bulbs is pretty-much incidental. Some were a bit like Venetian blinds that flicked between one image and another.

  • A few times i have come across a difference between how aircrew and engineers see things... One example, I was talking to aircrew about the technical differences between types of flying helmets they had been issued with over the years, their overriding observation was 'well its just a helmet isnt it?' - ie, when you arre flying the aircraft technical details are less important and are often unobserved or glossed over as you are focused on the actual flying. Ie; the Vampire and Vulcan instrumentation may have had some similarities, but then you ask 'which Mk of Vampire?' as there were quite a few variations.

    I recently acquired a standby artificia horizon for my Lightning sim. The Lightning uses a Mk6H, but all I could find was. Mk6K. They look almost identical from the front, but the K is designed for use in helicopters with a panel tilted a 25 degrees, so the internal gyro gimbal is set differently. I am using this for the Lightning as nobody would know, but its still not the correct part. Other differences are the electrical connectors used on the rear, and some painted dots on the disply.

    I think what I'm saying is that written books (such as the '*insert aircraft name here* Boys' books are interesting, fun and have great stories about real life and flying, but sometimes can be misleading due to foggy memories, sweeping generalisations, and embelishment because of the want to add a touch of drama to the writing.

    A good study into Vulcan and Vampire instrumentation would reveal the similarities. I just hate to see effort put into a project based on hearsay and opinions, and then have to re-do work when the factual truth is found later on.

    I gave out copies of the Vulcan Vol1 books a while ago (I think it was the Vulcan B2), I will see what I have on the various Vampires too.

    Cheers, Scott

  • Thank you very much OrbitalMartian. I see you on the FN. I bring also the Gnat. The Gnat is new in the FGUK-hangar and it's new for me.....and I think we all have a lot of fun together...and I sing....we going not to Ibiza...lalala- - lala-laaa....back to England. Um I can't sing.

    Thank you very much Scott and Warty for the direct and indirect support.

    I understood it in the core what Alex said with the MI (doll eye). But Scott, your detail explanation (it make sense to me) and the video shows how it works and how it looks like. That's the way I like it. A friendly exchange of skills and' cool.. : )

    The texture of the ARC-52 UHF radio control I have it from you and the other tons of stuff it is in the thank you for the offer. If I need more I let you know, Scott.

    YEEAH... the toilet is there. I don't deleted it. You can see it on the 13pic. The toilet is in between the seat far forward. It was the idea from Stu. Base on his knowledge, that some Vulcan's has a toilet on board. And Stu said it is something unique that the Vulcan for FG has a toilet on board.

    I don't know it is it right or not, but for me it make sense if 5 people are on board on a long have to go on the toilet.

    Our return flight from Faro to the toilet was so busy the last 50 minutes of the flight. I said to wife I don't go I can holded out. I go on the toilet at the airport.

  • Ah, the stuff I shared before was for the VHF/UHF C1607/4 control unit for the PTR-175 radio T/R unit (left).

    The other type is the UHF only C1607/ARC-52 control unint for the ARC-52 radio T/R unit (right).

    I guess it depends on which radio installation your Vulcan has! - it will be in the B2 Vol1 books.

  • No no I have the right side one. But this photo is also good. I downloaded it : )

  • Oh, I must have photographed it and forgot all about it!

    I have one other small item used in the Vulcan, the pyramid shaped lighting switch that sits on the centre console. Can dig this out for photos too if you want.

    I think I already sent the Stbd altimeter photos previously.

    Cheers, Scott

  • LOL....thank you for so many offers (you are great Scott). But for me is the cockpit finished. I know the real cockpit is much more complex then my 3D model. Some of is missing in my cockpit to the original. But for my taste it is enough.

    That doesn't mean that if I hand over the Vulcan to FGUK that others can make more of it.

  • First textures... :))

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